Bobby Joe has been playing music professionally around the world since 1977.  After studying violin and piano as a very young boy, his father gave him his first guitar in the winter of 1975.  He was unaware of how his life was about to change.  Soon, he began writing, performing and recording songs that helped paint the images illustrating his life.  In San Antonio, he played with Jeff Kuwamura then off to Baton Rouge, New Orleans and then Houston in the spring of 1980.  There he met life long buddies to create the renowned band Feedback with Mark Seeberger, John McCullouch and the legendary Joe White.  Bobby Joe returned to Southwest Texas State University and obtained a degree in Political Science.  There he met his best friend, Les Moore.  The baddest singer, songwriter, guitar beast in the free world.  They became bandmates in the Les Moore Band where Bobby Joe played keyboards.  Texas would get all it could handle of the rockin' blues experience that was the Les Moore Band.  Later, Bobby Joe recorded and toured with angular rockers like The Bad Boys, The Rick Martin Tribe, Zombies of Leisure, Waifs of Destruction, Kopia, Scratch and many others.  Currently, he performs as the singer guitar and harmonica player for the best rock cover band in South Texas.  Bobby Joe, his son, Dylan, Don Stephens, Rusty Hairston and Bobby Joe Valdez make up the classic...JOE BLOW.  Bobby Joe's influences include Les Moore, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, The Stones, SRV, The Who, Pink Floyd, ZZ Top, The Clash and tons more.  When not performing, Bobby Joe has scores of piano, guitar, vocal and recording students that keep him quite busy.  For booking or contact call 210-710-8077 or email
Bobby Joe Harlow
Accomplished musician, composer, teacher and student of music


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